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Trending – colored glass

Lately I’ve seen this trend popping up in my Instagram feed, on Pinterest and most everywhere. It’s totally trending! Beautiful glass furniture lightly colored in new and innovative ways. It’s a great way to integrate bright colors in an otherwise sober interior. And many sporting lush, round shapes, naturally I’m a big fan of those! Have a look below and see if you feel the same?




Strong colors and shapes by Germans Ermičs



Fantastic small tables in massive, thick glass by Saerom Yoon



The Opalina series by Cristina Celestino for Tonelli



Amazing lamp designs by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

What do you think? Isn’t this trend amazingly welcome?

Click on each image for product source.

Daily sketch – Silk carpets

I’ve been thinking about doing a carpet design for a long time. But I haven’t know exactly what I wanted to do. From my experience of selling carpets I’ve learned that many times the size of both rectangular and round carpets can be tricky to get just right for a specific layout in a living room. This is often due to the fact that the layout in which the furniture is placed is seldom symmetrical. This thought sparked an idea and inspiration struck. Read More

Formex Sthlm

Yesterday was the last day of the Formex fair here in Stockholm. As they say themselves, Formex is the largest meeting place for Nordic interior design. So what does this mean in terms of what is actually on display here? It is mostly interior accessories, not excluding furniture but it is not the main focus, and lifestyle brands, where you can find everything from chocolate covered licorice and table ware to fashion and personal accessories. There is also a kids section, body & bath and floral & garden. Although I walked through most of the fair, I kept mostly to the interior accessories area. Read More

Daily sketch – loveseats & bar carts

As promised, I wanted to show you the behind the scenes of the design process. This is step one for my design process, drawing new designs and products. I usually watch TV when I sketch. What’s important is to just let the pen do it’s work and to keep my mind occupied. This might sound a bit eccentric, but I have to keep myself from overthinking it and I find that this is a good way to do it. Do you have any tips like this that work for your creative process? Read More

A new take on String

If you knew me about ten years ago, you’d probably find me going through the very darkest corners of every second hand store in Stockholm in search for that perfect String. The String shelf, that is*. Everything mid century modern was on the rise and I was looking for my holy grail: black panels with three shelves in deep, dark read teak. But as always with the holy grail there is a catch. Read More

Holmes – the Great detectives collection

Inspired by Sherlock Holmes out-of-the-box-thinking and his unorthodox methods. Holmes, the coat rack, embodies the spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle´s world famous detective, with its sleek frame and quirky functions. Part of the Great detectives collection I exhibited at the Stockholm furniture fair. The hat stand doubles as a lamp that you can rotate around its own axis to direct the light where you most need it. Read More

Developing Hanger.37

A few years back, when I was still at school, I had been approached by a few businesses about my designs, mainly one that had been published in the pamphlet for a aluminum design competition. This was long before I had my own company. The design they were interested in was a good looking power strip in aluminum with a innovative on/off-function. The ones who contacted me wondered if I could produce it, and they would buy it and sell it. Read More