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Daily sketch – Silk carpets

I’ve been thinking about doing a carpet design for a long time. But I haven’t know exactly what I wanted to do. From my experience of selling carpets I’ve learned that many times the size of both rectangular and round carpets can be tricky to get just right for a specific layout in a living room. This is often due to the fact that the layout in which the furniture is placed is seldom symmetrical. This thought sparked an idea and inspiration struck.




For each design, I started out with a large circle to bind it all together and because I love round shapes. Then I started adding on shapes in different sizes. Rectangular shapes representing where the sofa would stand and smaller round shapes for armchairs. This resulted in many different designs and color combinations. Since each shape has it’s own color I decided to frame them in a thick black line to balance it all off and give a slight pop-art feel to the carpets. I wanted to make the carpets in silk since the design is simple and doesn’t have any busy patterns. The silk makes the shapes and colors really pop and come alive. And to be honest I really like this playful yet practical take on carpet design, I’d love to hear what you think?



From sketch to rendered living room

Copyright Dalili 2016

DESIGNER – Caroline Ø Dalili



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