A native Swede born to a mother from rural Norway and a father from the Iranian metropolis of Tehran. I grew up in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Tegucigalpa, spending every summer on the Norwegian countryside of the Sognefjord. I am the founder of Dalili design and writer behind the design and travel blog, Daily Dalili. Documenting what it means to live the laptop lifestyle as a traveling designer.

Here I hope to give you insight into the world of design, focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on interior design. And to shower you with the best of design and travel inspiration. Being a Scandinavian designer you’ll obviously see a strong influence of that here on Daily Dalili. But I like to mix things up and be influenced by decadent opulence once in a while – a far cry from the minimalism usually attributed to Scandinavian design. As for travel the world is my oyster and wherever I go, I’ll take you with me. So join me on this journey right here or follow me on Instagram for current day to day photos, Pinterest for daily inspiration, or both via Twitter and Facebook, which ever platform you most prefer.

All my best
– Caroline Ø Dalili

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