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Formex Sthlm

Yesterday was the last day of the Formex fair here in Stockholm. As they say themselves, Formex is the largest meeting place for Nordic interior design. So what does this mean in terms of what is actually on display here? It is mostly interior accessories, not excluding furniture but it is not the main focus, and lifestyle brands, where you can find everything from chocolate covered licorice and table ware to fashion and personal accessories. There is also a kids section, body & bath and floral & garden. Although I walked through most of the fair, I kept mostly to the interior accessories area.


There was a few areas of the fair dedicated to young and new design in different constellations. Formex really seem to have invested in these areas and made them bigger this year compared to previous fairs. Naturally this was my favorite part and it was super creative and inspiring to walk among these stalls. Hopefully they’ll keep this up for future fairs!


Although I really enjoyed going to Formex and being inspired. I can’t help but feel a slight sting of sadness over our consumerism. Knowing that these fall trends will be forgotten for next years big buzz. Interior accessories are the icing on the cake for interior design. Since it is cheaper, than say an investment piece sofa, it is easy to throw away and buy the latest thing. a great shame for the environment and such a waste of resources. An unusual point of view for a designer, you might think? But I think it’s an important thought process, especially for designers, even though we might benefit greatly (financially) by consumerism. It might result in a more conscious product design made to last.

design house stockholm

Design House Stockholm

What do you think, do you have opinions or thoughts that could be perceived as conflicting in regards to your line of work? Leave me a comment below!

Licorice from Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Side table in spray painted Marble by Nick Ross, winner of this years design price Formex Nova 2016

The boobielicious (real name Georgia) vase and cookie jar by Jonathan Adler

Colorful trays by Studio Formata


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