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Strutting our stuff at the Stockholm Furniture Fair

In February of 2015 Dalili (the interior design brand and brainchild of yours truly) exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture fair. The time leading up to the fair was wonderfully fun, exciting and extremely intense. Tackling last minute paint jobs in my parents basement* and doing all the electric work on site. But we ended up having an amazing week and we met some fantastic people!



Among those we met, I got to know Johanna Paulsson, a talented furniture designer from Helsingborg, Sweden. She will, not unlike me, start her journey as a traveling designer this summer, moving her whole family of four to Dubai! So if you are into design and travel you should follow here on Instagram asap!


Back to the furniture fair: As the first impression of a home, the hallway is sorely forgotten. Which is why I thought it presented an interesting challenge for a furniture collection. And I had my previously designed Hanger.37 to style it with.** The goal was to design furniture and accessories that would take the hallway out of the shadows of the home and create something extraordinary and light.


I like to limit my creative space (mind-space that is) so I came up with a theme for the collection. The theme was Great detectives, a theme that, at the time, was occupying my imagination most of the time any ways. Holmes and Hercule became my two constant companions and the collection started taking form, two distinctly different forms. One embodying the seemingly incohesive mind of Sherlock Holmes. The other taking the shape of the less eccentric, yet no less brilliant, Hercule Poirot. Limiting myself this way gave me time to enjoy it all the more.



Hercule, the coat rack, in frosted glass with a glimpse of Hanger.37 in copper


Holmes, the wall mounted coat rack/hat stand, including nifty features such as a directional light. Seen here together with Hanger.37 in charcoal black

The materials I used for this collection was glass and metal. They are both such versatile materials and made the design process so much easier. The color scheme was simple: charcoal black. For those of you who know me, you know I love black. So much so I even painted my whole stand black!*** But it was a beautiful backdrop that made the collection really stand out. The frosted glass on Hercule, the coat rack, came to life with the black wall. And Hanger.37 in copper and brass gave that extra pop of luxe and really stood out.


Black, black everywhere, it really brings out the shine, don’t you think?


You can read more about each piece of the Great detectives collection right here: Hercule, Holmes and Hanger.37.


Thank you to my life long friend and lovely photographer Karin who took these pictures. And a big thank you to everyone who made this week an absolute success, I couldn’t be more grateful!

Was my all black theme too much or do you like it? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

*Spray painting charcoal black in the otherwise very white laundry room, to my mothers dismay. Although she never really mentioned it. Thanks mom! <3

**Coincidence? I think not!

***How very NOT Scandinavian of me… The international visitors loved it though!

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