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Inside Copenhagen – part III

We have arrived at the third and final part of our trip to Copenhagen. You can find part I and part II right here.

For me, the biggest must on our Copenhagen trip was to visit Louisiana. This art museum was one of my favorites growing up and I was longing to go back and see it again. After a 45 min train ride from Copenhagen Central Station and a short walk you are met by a very anonymous facade. It feels almost like you are entering into a private residence. But as soon as you pass the reception the building opens up and you have a grand view of the museums garden and the ocean. This is one of the things i love about Louisiana, it is almost like visiting an eccentric and insanely rich aunt who has turned her house and garden into an art exhibit. Read More

Inside Copenhagen – part II

This is part II of our trip to Copenhagen, where I tell you a little bit more about what to do outside of the immediate city center, if you haven’t read part I you can find it here.

Being beer lovers, a visit to the Carlsberg brewery was a must for this trip. And although I rarely drink Carlsberg or Tuborg I’m surprised to say that I really enjoyed it. The visiting center is located in the old Carlsberg brewery in Vesterbro where they offer guided tours, beer tastings, a free horse carriage ride and they house the worlds largest collection of unopened beer bottles. On the grounds there is also the Jacobsen house brewery where you can see the beer being brewed and bottled. Read More