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Daily sketch – Silk carpets

I’ve been thinking about doing a carpet design for a long time. But I haven’t know exactly what I wanted to do. From my experience of selling carpets I’ve learned that many times the size of both rectangular and round carpets can be tricky to get just right for a specific layout in a living room. This is often due to the fact that the layout in which the furniture is placed is seldom symmetrical. This thought sparked an idea and inspiration struck. Read More

Daily sketch – loveseats & bar carts

As promised, I wanted to show you the behind the scenes of the design process. This is step one for my design process, drawing new designs and products. I usually watch TV when I sketch. What’s important is to just let the pen do it’s work and to keep my mind occupied. This might sound a bit eccentric, but I have to keep myself from overthinking it and I find that this is a good way to do it. Do you have any tips like this that work for your creative process? Read More