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Red velvet

I was in the mood for some Christmas inspiration spending some time over at Pinterest, when I stumbled across this gem, the Hotel Particulier Montmartre. This, their conservatory in Art-Deco style is just the right amount of classy and stylish yet warm and welcoming. Just what I was looking for! Red velvet can be quite hard to fit into a regular home, but if you want that extra oomph it’s totally worth the effort. Pair it with some black, metal details and loads of plants to make the atmosphere even more luxurious. And why not some dark walls while you are at it? So much drama, I love it!

Red velvet set

Interior by Sarah Davidson, image from Australian Interior Design Awards.

Red velvet chair

Image from Russion interior design site Syndyk

Featured image of Hotel Particulier Montmartre from My Domain

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