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Essential Hangers - Hanger.37 brass

The only hangers you’ll ever need in your closet

There is a wide variety of hangers out there and sometimes it can be hard to know what goes on what. My philosophy is to try to keep it simple and practical. As you might know I’m a total closet/clothes nerd. I love to take good care of my clothes and one way to do so is to have the right tools. So here are three hangers your closet simply can’t be without and how to use them.

Coat hangers - Hanger.37

Coat hangers

Coat hangers are a bit wider to support the weight of a heavy winter coat and still making sure it hangs nicely. Place the coat or jacket evenly over the hanger, so it keeps its shape and doesn’t crease. If the coat is moist hang it somewhere else to dry before placing it in your closet. This is to prevent weird smells, unnecessary creasing and damage to your coat and/or other clothes in your closet.

Thin hangers - Hanger.37

Thin hangers

Thin hangers are great for blouses, shirts or dresses that you don’t want to place in a drawer. And you can fit many more items on your rail than if you’d use only coat hangers. A thin hanger is great for more delicate pieces as well, just make sure that the shape of the hanger doesn’t deform the shoulders of your garment. Knits are usually best placed in drawers to avoid this. Even though you can fit many more items in with thinner hangers, try to leave some space in between the garments. This gives you a better overview of what you actually have in your closet and it keeps the clothes feeling fresh and wrinkle free.

Pant hangers - Hanger.37

Pants and skirt hangers

Pants hangers can look and function in a few different ways. My favorites are when you simply fold up your pants and hang them over the bottom of your hanger or when you hang them in clips. Jeans and more everyday pants are great to fold and hang on the bottom of your hanger. This also saves vertical space if you don’t have the space to hang a pair of full length pants. Hangers with clips gives you a better overview of your different garments and keeps them crease free. They are also great for skirts, since you most likely don’t want to fold them.

So there you have it, my three favorite hangers that you simply can’t be without. All in the name of a happy closet. I hope you enjoyed! Do you agree with my list? Let me know and leave me a comment below. See you next Tuesday 🙂

You can find these hangers here.

Dalili Design – Made in Sweden, and why it’s so important

Why is Made in Sweden so important to me? When I started Dalili design four years ago it was a no-brainer, I wanted my products to be produced in Sweden. It might not be the smartest move financially. The margins are substantially smaller, even a small collection requires relatively big investments and because of this, things can some times take a lot longer. But it ensures that my products are ethically produced, in a country leading the way for efficient energy use and sustainability. Where emissions from long transportation routes is kept to a minimum. And I can focus my efforts on creating high quality products that lasts.


Dalili design is above all about beautiful design. Part of what makes the designs so beautiful, to me, is the conscious decisions of ethical and sustainable production. These are core values not only to me as a person, but also to my brand. I mean, how can you run a business that doesn’t share your values? Our products are industrially made, heightened by the craftsmanship of the final details. This way we combine the best of both worlds, and support our local industry and skilled craftswomen and men. I want Dalili design to be a brand that costumers can count on in all fields. Joining the movement of sustainable and ethical design, advocating to leave cheap throwaway products behind.

In the future

Looking to our future we want to work with new innovative materials and techniques. A lot is happening on the front of smart fabrics and ethical alternatives to leather. Not to mention the great wave of possibility the 3D-printing technology presents. Now, I realize we can’t expect all this to be made in Sweden alone. There are plenty of companies around the world that focus on ethics and sustainability, same as us. I look forward to find like-minded people and companies, and to work with skilled craftspeople around the world. Dalili design will always be a Swedish company with high regard for all life, human, animal and nature alike. For the share joy of it, we will keep producing in Sweden, but our doors are always open to new, exciting ventures and collaborations outside our borders too.  A Swedish brand on the global market, a thought that I find very exciting!

Do you know of any new innovative products and materials we should know about? I’d love it if you shared it with us in the comments below! Don’t forget to like this post if you did <3

All wrapped up in Terrazzo

I love myself some minimalist Christmas wrapping in monochrome colors. But this year I’d like to break things up with a big chunk of color! If you’ve seen Normann Copenhagen‘s Terrazzo wrapping paper then you know what I mean. It is such a fresh and edgy take on gift wrapping that I’ve gone totally bonkers for. As you can see on the images they have a whole range of stationary with the same theme called Daily fiction, but as it’s Christmas time I’m going all in for the wrapping paper and some glitter stickers. Read More

Barely there

To be able to convey a shape or a form with only a few lines on a paper is amazing. To be able to do it with furniture adding in the element of function is a true art. The barely there style, as I call it, has been in the spotlight for some time and companies like &Tradition with their Palette collection and Gubi with their Ganfratesi tables has really put the style in the eyes of the public. The Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen has made a whole collection with barely there furniture. Perhaps not surprisingly, they are both artist choosing to create furniture hanging in the balance between art and design. As they say “it’s obviously ‘furniture’ but the emphasis is not completely concentrated on function and suggests different ways of living and use of space… an uncanny twist on universal forms.” Read More

The Devil’s in the details

Never more so than in Scandinavian design are the details so important. I would even go as far as to say that they carry the whole. With the minimal color choice of black, white and different shades of grey and the clean cut lines there is little room for error. One shelf hanging off center will ruin the whole look. But when done right, the lines, curves and simplistic color scheme comes together to create a harmonious atmosphere. And a simple bottle of soap can become a beautiful decoration. So to break off from the multitudes of Christmas decorations this time of year I thought I’d give you some Scandinavian monochrome inspiration. Read More

Red velvet

I was in the mood for some Christmas inspiration spending some time over at Pinterest, when I stumbled across this gem, the Hotel Particulier Montmartre. This, their conservatory in Art-Deco style is just the right amount of classy and stylish yet warm and welcoming. Just what I was looking for! Red velvet can be quite hard to fit into a regular home, but if you want that extra oomph it’s totally worth the effort. Pair it with some black, metal details and loads of plants to make the atmosphere even more luxurious. And why not some dark walls while you are at it? So much drama, I love it! Read More

Let the countdown begin

The tradition of lighting candles in the time of waiting* and dark winter evenings is probably my favorite of all time. Even though technology has come a very long way with amazing lamps and lighting solutions, lighting advent candles is something I will never stop doing. Last year I found a beautiful Advent candelabra in brass at the local second hand shop in my mothers hometown in rural Norway. It looks a little bit like Lucia’s crown, only smaller, with a thick brass band and four minimalist holders for each candle evenly spread out around the circle. I payed almost nothing for it but I treasure it deeply! Having that kind of luck is not something you can count on, so here are some of my favorite Advent candle holders around the market this year. Read More

The dark side

As our days are getting increasingly shorter (even here in Tel Aviv) it got me thinking about the obsession we Swedes have for light and bright interiors. White is everywhere! We even have a color named Stockholm white, and you’ll find it on the walls of every other home in Stockholm. Try to find a real estate ad that doesn’t have the words “ljust och fräscht”* in the description of a newly renovated flat is as likely as finding a minimalist who doesn’t like the color combination black and white. And lets face it, it is the foundation of the Scandinavian design scene. But working with interiors, white does get a bit limiting and I’d like to mix things up a bit. That’s why I wanted to talk to you about dark interiors. Now this is a topic that can be a bit scary to bring up, because you never know what reactions you’ll get. But let me explain, and you can leave me your reactions below 😉

Read More

Winter is coming

Come the colder months of the year we spend more and more time inside. I recently got a few photos from home, where they are having the most beautiful winter wonderland. Stockholm is beautiful at winter, but cold and it’s hard not to long inside. Hence we want to make it as warm, cozy and welcoming as possible. I tend to want to bring in loads of greens. Evergreens, Conifers, Hyacinths, Eucalyptus (looks good all year round), Christmas rose, Amaryllis, Holly, the list goes on… Read More