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Barely there

To be able to convey a shape or a form with only a few lines on a paper is amazing. To be able to do it with furniture adding in the element of function is a true art. The barely there style, as I call it, has been in the spotlight for some time and companies like &Tradition with their Palette collection and Gubi with their Ganfratesi tables has really put the style in the eyes of the public. The Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen has made a whole collection with barely there furniture. Perhaps not surprisingly, they are both artist choosing to create furniture hanging in the balance between art and design. As they say “it’s obviously ‘furniture’ but the emphasis is not completely concentrated on function and suggests different ways of living and use of space… an uncanny twist on universal forms.”

Table, chair and rocking chair by Muller Van Severen

Desk by &tradition, art direction by Terzo Piano

An other great force in the barely there movement* is Nendo, you might have seen their super cute bird cage for Wästberg? They just had a big exhibition here in Tel Aviv on the Design Museum Holon which I regrettably didn’t go see before it ended.** The exhibition was called The space in between, which I think is quite telling for this style of design. Framing space sort to speak. So If you are into this style make sure to look these guys up for a whole bunch of inspiration. Or you could follow my Pinterest board Barely there!

The Gnomo store in Valencia, interior design by Masquespacio

Thin black lines hang rail by Nendo

Mini table series by Wästberg, deigned by Nendo

*Hey, I just invented a new name for a movement 😉
**bad prioritizing on my part, shamefully…

Click on each image for source. Featured image from Muller Van Severen.

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