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Saving space

This is the longer version of the article I wrote for BoConcept on my top five space saving tips.

As a Scandinavian designer and a Swede I know a thing or two about practical home interiors and minimalist living. Swedes love being practical. So much so that we sometimes forget, or don’t care about, how things look, as long as they fulfill their purpose. We are also used to living in small spaces, especially in the cities. Hence the birth of Scandinavian minimalism.* However the design of an object and how it looks is all part of it’s practicality. Form is function in my opinion. So here are my five top tips on how to save space both practically and beautifully.


1. De-clutterYou’ve probably heard this before, but it is very useful if you do it right. Take the time to pick out your absolute favorite pieces, remove the rest. Now you can start decorating your home with your favorites, giving them the attention they deserve. Maybe you want to show them off many at the time, or if you are more of a minimalist (or have too many favorites) you might have some pieces on rotation. So that you “redecorate” with these pieces every once in a while. This is also a great way to renew your home without spending any money.


2. Good storageTo be able to have your favorites on rotation you need to have good storage solutions. If you can, try to find storage that is discrete. When choosing furniture think about the storage solution they offer. For example it could be an ottoman with a hidden compartment inside or a sideboard with drawers or cupboards. Being able to hide away things will help your home look tidy and serene.


3. Choose furniture you love In a small space it is even more important that you have furniture you love. Since you can’t fit that much in anyways, having pieces you love around you will make you feel as comfortable as you can in your home. And don’t worry if that favorite piece of yours doesn’t fit in with the rest of your your style. Breaking off an otherwise cohesive style is often what makes a place look more like a home and not a showroom. Regardless of your personal style, feeling good in your own home, no matter the size, is the most important thing.


4. Create space within spaceCarpets can often work as subtle room dividers. Maybe you can’t fit an actual room divider in to your space. But you can divide your room into different areas using carpets. This is a great trick when living in a studio apartment, where your living room and bedroom are the same room. Put a carpet underneath your living room furniture and suddenly they make a unit.

Lights and lamps are also a great way to create space. You need to be able to light up your whole space for when your cleaning and such, but this light is not for living in. Direct light is great for working or when reading. Mood light brighten up dark corners and create nice nooks in your small space. Picking the right type of light can be somewhat tricky at times. But if you go to a good lamp store they have all the expertise you need as long as you aren’t afraid to ask.


5. Make it practical for youNo matter what the current trends are you need to find what works for you. Practicality is surprisingly subjective and finding the right layout and furniture for you is the key to making a tiny space super efficient. Going through the list above will get you on the right path to find the best space saving solutions for you and your home.

I hope you enjoyed my list and that it could be useful to you. I’d love to hear what your space saving tips are! Do you have any secret hacks we should know about? Drop me a line in the comments below!

Image source –  HusmanHagberg

*That’s what I think anyways. 

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