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This slimlined hostel design in Bangkok is genius!

Since we have just landed in Thailand I wanted to see what the hotel scene has to offer. I discovered this Bangkok hostel, that has made the most out of their space by using clever design. The Bed One Block hostel that opened in 2016, has gotten the balance just right utilizing the space they have in the best way possible. The hostels 4m by 16m footprint doesn’t give a lot of room to play with, but local design firm A Millimetre designed the space in clever ways, keeping the style minimal and practical yet with a welcoming and cozy feel. Very Scandinavian of them, don’t you think?

Bed One Block Hostel Design - facade

Shining bright in it’s white metal cladding the facade of the One Block Hostel lively up the whole neighborhood

Making a small space work

They’ve designed the narrow entrance space into a chill hangout in different levels with a cool color scheme with accents of wood and plants to warm it up. A theme that runs through the whole 5 stories building.

Bed One Block Hostel Design - Entrance

You can not not smile being greeted by that hobbit hole door!

Bed One Block Hostel Design - hang out

Comfortable bunking

While bunk beds might have been on top of your wish list as a kid, they have kind of lost their sheen looking through the eyes of an adult. However these beds are spacious and sturdy and the curtains in thick fabric makes all the difference when you want some privacy. Hence it’s a clever use of space and still keeping it comfortable.

Bed One Block Hostel Design - bunk beds

Bed One Block Hostel Design - where stories begin

I love these pillows, urging people to connect and make new stories 🙂

Bed One Block Hostel Design - bathrooms

Lovely wooden doors

Look at the doors in the bathrooms, totally stylish, especially in a hostel and not what you’d expect. Very luxurious! In addition they’ve also been able to incorporate the hostels industrial looking surroundings in a very nice way, still keeping it fresh.

Bed One Block Hostel Design - showers

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Would you consider living in a hostel like this instead of a hotel? Or is this more to your taste? Leave me a comment below and let me know! And don’t forget to share this with all your friends 😉

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