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Black and white the Scandinavian way

As a Swede I always see the greys, nothing is ever black or white. Maybe you’ve heard about the Swedish word lagom? (If not check out the meaning here) Lagom is the perfect halfway point between two harsh sides, without being proud, the grey between black and white.


When working with colors for interiors its hard to find a true black. Depending on the natural light and how the room is lit the color will inevitably change throughout the day. This is also true of white, although it might not always be as obvious. The versatility of black and white is the absolute strength of these colors and why they make the perfect backdrop for every other color imaginable. Always taking the backseat to elevate those colors of the rainbow. But let’s not forget that they to are magnificent colors on their own. That’s why I’ve made this black + whiteboard on Pinterest, with just that little complimenting color from time to time.




by Paul Jung | Study No 4370

What color do you prefer to decorate with, black or white? Let me know in the comments below.

Click on each image for source. Featured image at top by Dalili featuring DearDeer

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