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The notion of pink

What is it that makes soft pink hues so tantalizing? There are few colors that have such a seductive effect on me and instantly evoke strong cravings. I am left baffled in the presence of blush. Here is why this surprises me.

I’m an essentialist drawn towards minimalistic aesthetics. My go to color, for both clothing and interior, is black. At the age of six I rejected the notion of having a favorite color, especially one that was so intrinsically entangled with being a girl. Why would I limit myself when I was so much more than a girl?

By Toast  Photo by Karina Manarin

Yet here I am, 24 years later drooling over pink hues on Pinterest. Like a crow drawn to shiny objects my attraction to soft pink feels like a congenital attribute essential for my survival. Maybe it is due to a slow indoctrination over time, starting with that first pink Acne bag in 1997? Slowly moving its way from frills and tutus to men’s shirts and finally on to our walls and sofas.

Well, nowadays you see it most everywhere. Its hard to avoid the “pink anything + Carrera marble + a pair of it-shades = true”-images on any social media, not to mention fashion/design/interior design blogs*. Yet, with my own field saturated with images of powdery pink, I don’t seem to tire of it. So without further ado, I present to you the wonders of pink. Indulge yourself and be inspired!

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What are your thoughts on pink? Am I alone out here or do you have the same fascination? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

*Not unlike this one…

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