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Santa, baby!

Cue Marylin! “Santa baby, an auto space convertible too, light blue…” But in my case it would be black, jet black! As you might have noticed from looking at the style and art direction on Dalili design, I love black. It is such an amazing color and it makes you feel powerful! In a good way.* So you might call this my black list, 1. because the obvious blackness of it and 2. because these items will be censured off my real Christmas wishlist, I kind of want to buy them for my self.**

Can you tell I got a thing for Acne?! Ever since I discovered they make shoes in my size (35, let me tell you it’s hard to find in Sweden, no less by a Swedish design brand) I’ve been absolutely smitten. & Other Stories isn’t far behind, when they first opened stores in Stockholm I wasn’t too keen, but this year they are hitting it out of the ballpark! I almost always find something there, which is a shame since my wardrobe space is a little limited…*** That’s my black inspiration board for yah. For more of my style inspiration make sure to follow my Style board on Pinterest.

“I’ll wait up for you, dear
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight”

Acne Velocite Shearling | Acne Jens boots | Over the knee boots | Knitted oversized dress | Faux fur dress | Givenchy Antigona bag

*Not in the evil master villain kind of way… or maybe just a little bit like cat woman


***to one suitcase

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DIY – Christmas tree advent calendar

We have recently decided to stay in Tel Aviv over Christmas. And since we don’t have any Christmas decorations with us and won’t have a Christmas tree we had to get crafty to get in that Christmas spirit. This advent calendar tree is made from black washi tape and some black paper. It’s super easy to make and your advent calendar will be filled with the gift of your words. I decided to fill each little card with a love note. But you can write a short story on them, fun for kids who are learning how to read. Or, if you do want to give something small each day, let there be a clue on the back of each card to lead the reader to the hiding place, a new one for each day. The possibilities are endless and it’s a great craft idea to do with the kids this 1st of advent and it looks real good too, if you ask me 😉 Read More