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Let the countdown begin

The tradition of lighting candles in the time of waiting* and dark winter evenings is probably my favorite of all time. Even though technology has come a very long way with amazing lamps and lighting solutions, lighting advent candles is something I will never stop doing. Last year I found a beautiful Advent candelabra in brass at the local second hand shop in my mothers hometown in rural Norway. It looks a little bit like Lucia’s crown, only smaller, with a thick brass band and four minimalist holders for each candle evenly spread out around the circle. I payed almost nothing for it but I treasure it deeply! Having that kind of luck is not something you can count on, so here are some of my favorite Advent candle holders around the market this year.


Brass is a very traditional material for Advent candle holders but there isn’t much else traditional about this candle holder designed by Isabell Gatzen for &tradition. 721 Grams, as it is called, can be stacked in the infinite, each piece bought separately.


The masters of brass, Skultuna, is launching this simplistic beauty designed by Richard Hutten on the 25th of November. So keep your eyes peeled for the Advent Nattlight.


The Lumi four-armed candle holder by Holmegaard is made in black metal with candle-cuffs in colored glass. Design by Maria Berntsen.


Despite the resent copper and brass craze, silver/stainless steel is making a strong comeback. Something to think about when investing in a new Advent candle holder. Where do you go if not to the master of stainless steel – Georg Jensen for the latest Advent inspiration. This one designed by Patricia Urquiola.


Kubus by ByLassen is even more versatile and can be used all year round, available in brass, black and many more colors as well.

I think for me 721 Grams by &tradition is probably my favorite out of all of them, what is your favorite?

*waiting for Christmas that is.

Featured image – Cross Candle holder by Hantvärk

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