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How to be a conscious consumer and why you should be

Being a conscious consumer can impact your life in big ways. Not only is it good for your wallet but for the environment too. So why we care about our personal finances is quite obvious to most people. And it is perfectly fine to be a conscious consumer for that reason alone. But I’d like to take a moment and talk about what being good to the environment really means. As a Scandinavian I am raised to love nature and have a fair amount of it around me in spite of living in Stockholm (the biggest city in Scandinavia). When discussing the environment and what we should, could and would do for it I feel there is a disconnect. We talk about the environment like this big non-tangible, elusive concept that we can make feel better if we drive our cars less. When it is really much simpler than that. The environment, wait for it, is the nature around you. Mind blown, right?! 😉 And while I don’t like camping, and might not be described as outdoorsy by my friends, I do love nature. I love walking in it, being in it and breathing the fresh air. And I’d like to continue doing so, don’t you? Enough rambling! Here are some tips on how we can be conscious consumers for our wallets and nature too. Read More