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Designer hotel – the Poli House

As we have left Christmas behind us and are looking forward to the year ahead I thought it would be appropriate with a vitamin injection in the form of the color bomb known as the Poli House. I first stumbled across the Poli House on a afternoon walk with my brother. He was visiting us here in Tel Aviv and I had shown him the obligatory Carmel Market when I suddenly saw the Poli House neon Hello sign. I was intrigued and wanted to see more. Read More

Moving to the Middle East

Ah, it feels good to be back on the blog! Sorry for being all “Quiet on the Western Front” the past month. It is partly due to the fact I just moved to the “Eastern front”, more precisely Tel Aviv, Israel. Maybe not the obvious choice for a Swede, as it is smack, bang in the middle of the Middle East*. But hey, when opportunity comes knocking…

It has been very exciting and I didn’t really know what to expect. Luckily B. picked me up at the airport and swept me off my feet my very first day here. And what a treat I was in for, I thought you might want to tag along! Read More